Delivering an agile working environment for Adam Matthew Digital

Our client, Adam Matthew Digital (AMD), chose NDOE to completely change the interior look & feel of their three existing floors.

After completing an initial workplace survey, we recognised that the client needed both ‘Agile working’ areas and ‘Core working’ spaces. NDOE created a workplace that exuded vibrancy and colour, allowing the creativity of the various teams within AMD to flourish.

Wall graphics, LED lighting, specialist flooring products and modern, rustic-cool furniture, gave the environment an informal, yet dynamic interior.

Glazed offices with colour shades allowed light to permeate the space throughout.

Using non-reflective black desking against a grey carpet, also told the twin story of AMD’s focus on serious quality, amidst a creative, fun environment.

Informal meeting ‘pods’ were strategically placed for those who required quick, non-confidential meetings, whilst personal storage hubs in the form of lockers, enabled clutter free offices.

Meeting rooms were transformed into inspiring collaboration spaces. Sympathetic lighting, warm colours and wall art, made users feel comfortable and allowed for creative thinking.