We are always available to answer any questions and review your new space at any point after the team have delivered the build.


Delivery is
just the start.

A seamless handover

After delivery, your project team will walk you around your premises to check that you’re happy with the work and your new environment. We always strive for perfect delivery with our build partners,  but if you spot any minor works to be finished, this is the perfect opportunity to get them planned in.

Once you’ve signed the project off, you’ll receive a project pack with an overview of your project and a single resource for understanding your workspace.

Ongoing client management

Your client manager will be in regular contact with you after the project has finished. If you have feedback new ideas, or are planning a modification or move, we’re just a call away. And, when you get in touch, our intimate knowledge of your environment means you’ll get the answers you need faster.

Top-ups and
future work

As a team, we wrap ourselves around the projects we’re involved with and create lasting partnerships with our clients. So we don’t just address your needs in the first instance. We’re here to address whatever you might need next.

If you decide you need more furniture, extra partitioning, redecoration or layout changes, we can combine our knowledge of your business and your workspace to make the process simple.